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Attention Parents or Caregivers of a Child on
The Autism-Spectrum...

This online course is designed for parents and caregivers of individuals (children, teenagers, and adults) with an autism-spectrum disorder. The course information is also applicable to other individuals with a special needs diagnosis too such as sensory processing, pervasive developmental disorder, attention deficit (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Autism is more than just a psychological or neurodevelopmental condition. Most autistic-spectrum children (as well as teenagers and adults) are dealing with underlying biological and toxicity problems. This also includes children with attention-deficit (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other neurodevelopmental problems. It is totally false that there is no hope for recovery or improvement, but to achieve this biomedical intervention is often essential.”

- Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.

The Cases of Special Needs Disorders Are Rising!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) States that 1 in 59 Children in The United States have been diagnosed with an Autism-Spectrum Disorder. Even more alarmingly is information from the National Center for Health Statistics which puts the number at 1 in 45 children. Other sources say the rates could even be higher. These case numbers DO NOT include individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder, Sensory Processing, and other Neurodevelopment Disorders, including Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders.

What is Biomedical Intervention For Autism
(a.k.a. Integrative And Functional Medicine)?

Biomedical intervention for autism addresses biological and medical reasons for an individual’s condition. This includes evaluating biochemical and metabolic abnormalities, diet and nutritional imbalances, genetic factors, environmental toxin influences and underlying organ system dysfunctions that affect the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. 

Individuals on the autism-spectrum, whether they are a child, teenager, or adult often suffer with co-morbid conditions. These conditions can range from mild to moderate allergies, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, and headaches to severe cognitive, social engagement, and behavioral problems triggered or exacerbated by a myriad of severe underlying medical issues including those listed here. There is no secret that medical problems in the autism-spectrum community are well documented, and even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States references these co-morbid conditions as an emphasis for autism intervention.

Medical Complexities Often Linked to
Special Needs Individual's Genetics:

  • Genetics - Methylation (MTHFR), COMT, etc.
  • Nutritional Imbalances - Cholesterol deficiency, zinc, and other mineral deficiencies.
  • Food Sensitivities - Gluten and casein peptides, multiple food allergies, phenol sensitivity, etc.
  • Digestive Problems - Constipation, diarrhea, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
  • Chronic Infections - Bacteria, e.g., clostridia, candida.
  • Heavy Metal and Environmental Chemical Toxicity - Mercury, lead, arsenic, glyphosate, organophosphates, mold toxicity.
  • Neuroinflammation - Microglia activation, glutamate sensitivity.
  • Neurochemistry Problems - Serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin imbalances, cerebral folate deficiency.

Common Case Scenario
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?!

• 4 year old boy with diagnosis of autism

• At 14 months begins to lose eye contact. Also, withdraws socially and loses interest in social engagement with siblings.

• At 16 months he begins to have loose stools and becomes excessively irritable and anxious.

• At 17 months he begins to head bang, throw himself backwards onto floor without warning, and begins to bite his hands.

• Other behaviors start too like pressing his abdomen against furniture such as the sides of chairs, couch, or table.

• He becomes excessively picky as to what he will eat and drink.

• Parents remove casein (cow dairy) and see positive changes in his eye contact within the first week.

• Gluten (wheat) is then removed from his diet and a multivitamin is introduced. Within days, he soon regresses in his behavior, eye contact, etc.

Then other odd behaviors follow:

• Stands close to the TV set side-glancing while twisting fingers.

• Has increased hyperactivity and impulsivity.

• Presses himself between hard objects such as the couch and wall.

• Wakes up in the middle of night hyper with inappropriate laugher.

• Parents change diet to reduce various carbohydrates which improves his loose stools and abdominal bloating within a few weeks. There is some improvement in odd behavior listed previously.

• After two months of this new diet child begins to have increased abdominal distention and he starts pressing his abdomen against furniture again. He also starts grabbing his privates and pressing groin against furniture too.

• Nystatin antifungal medication is started for suspected yeast and child’s behavior increases with regards to goofiness, giddiness, and hyperactivity. These behaviors start fluctuating with bouts of rage and self-injury, e.g., head-banging.

• Parents read online that liver support and heavy metal detoxification with a natural remedy of chlorella and other botanicals is necessary to heal the gut.

• They start these remedies, along with a probiotic for digestive yeast overgrowth, and his behaviors get much worse.

• Child also starts to have facial tics and now anxiety behaviors such as crying, irritability and self-injury are occurring.

Conventional medicine has little answers for the case scenario described above other than it is just a normal or typical manifestation of autism. However, when each situation is dissected and appreciated from a biomedical intervention standpoint it becomes easy to understand what is happening.

For example:
• The pressing of his abdomen against the edges of furniture is common with constipation and abdominal pain seen.

• The pressing of his groin against furniture after starting a specific carbohydrate diet is common from exposure to high oxalate foods. Oxalates can irritate the bladder and groin area.

• The goofy, giddy, and inappropriate laughing behavior is common from increased ethanol production within the digestive system from overgrowth of candida and other yeast organisms.

• The fluctuating bouts of rage and self-injury can occur from underlying clostridia bacteria within the digestive system. These bacteria organisms produced toxic compounds that interfere with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Failure to recognize these well-known situations will often leave a child vulnerable to years of poor development and lack of progress. Typically, no psychiatric medication is going to solve these many issues and speech, physical therapy, and/or behavioral therapy will often not provide significant positive changes.


Kurt N. Woeller, D.O.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O. is a world-renowned autism biomedical intervention specialist and has helped thousands of children all over the world, in over 2 decades of clinical, real world, hands-on practice. He knows what works, and how to implement it. He has developed and implemented proven protocols that get to the core of the biological problems often seen in autism and other related disorders. 

Dr. Woeller has been teaching other doctors and healthcare practitioners for years through his Autism Mastery Course for health professionals, the important aspects of medical diagnoses and effective integrative medicine treatments for those on the autism-spectrum.

He is the developer for the Organic Acids Test (OAT) training seminar sponsored by Great Plains Laboratory and their GPL Academy. He also has developed multiple courses on integrative and functional medicine topics through his Integrative Medicine Academy. He is medical director for Functional Medicine Clinical Rounds and creator of a website specific for biomedical autism intervention information for parents called Autism Recovery System.

Kurt N. Woeller, D.O., Integrative Medicine Academy

Benefits of the Autism Biomed Essentials Course,
and What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the fundamentals of biomedical intervention of autism from one of the most experienced and long-standing active practicing physicians in the field of autism intervention.
  • Cut out months and years of self-study trying to figure out what are the various biomedical strategies most often helpful.
  • Get easy to understand descriptions of various supplements, laboratory tests, and protocols often used in autism biomedical intervention.
  • Obtain insights into common behavioral problems as they relate to underlying biological imbalances.
  • Learn to prioritize interventions to make them more effective.
  • Learn what are common biological roadblocks that prevent certain supplements from working.
  • Neuroinflammation - Microglia activation, glutamate sensitivity.
  • Fast track your knowledge of biomedical intervention, along resources, e.g., for further study and research as you progress on the path of hope and healing for your loved one.
  • Learn what works and what doesn't from a practicing physician with over two decade of clinical experience.

Dr. Woeller's Autism Biomed Essentials Course Teaches You What You Need To Know To Successfully Treat Autism Using Integrative and Functional Medicine:

This Course Will Teach You:

  • Module #1 – "Why Biomedical Intervention Is Essential"

    • The unique characteristics of special needs individuals.
    • Common co-existing problems that can affect behavior, language, socialization, and overall cognitive abilities.
    • Why conventional medicine often gets it wrong when it comes to autism-related disorders.
    • Dr. Woeller’s Four Pillars to biomedical intervention.
    • The important biochemistry and physiology fundamentals linked to autism-spectrum disorders.
    • What to know about behaviors that may not be linked to a biomedical or biological cause.

  • Module #2 – “Along with Healthy Diet and Nutrition, Appropriate Nutritional Supplementation is Critical”

    • Why special diets are often necessary.
    • Overview of common diets and when to consider using them.
    • Pros and cons of certain special diets.
    • Why nutritional supplements are critical to use for most everyone.
    • Understanding primary supplements and secondary supplements.
    • Not all supplements come as gummies, but that does not mean a child will not take them.
    • Helpful tips and suggestions for administering supplements.

  • Module #3 – “Laboratory Testing: What’s Necessary, What’s Not, and What Does It All Mean?”

    • The initial laboratory tests that should be done on everyone. Hint – this includes something called an Organic Acids Test!
    • What tests to prioritize if on a budget.
    • Non-blood draw tests versus blood draw tests.
    • Not all laboratory tests provide useful and actionable information.
    • Specialized laboratory tests used for certain circumstances.
    • An example of a comprehensive laboratory profile.

  • Module #4 – “The Gut, The Brain and Everything In Between”

    • How the gut affects the brain
    • Intestinal fungus (candida, yeast, and mold) and its influence on behavior and brain function.
    • Why everyone needs to be assessed for clostridia bacteria.
    • If you cannot heal the gut, you cannot heal the brain.
    • Common factors that negatively or positively affect neurochemicals linked to attention, focusing, mood/behaviors, etc.
    • Overview of the genetics of methylation and factors that negatively affect its function.

  • Module #5 – “What Treatment and Protocol is Best to Use: The Pros and Cons of Many Options”

    • Why are there so many treatment options and are they all necessary to use.
    • Defining various protocols (examples):

    • Candida and digestive bacteria – the use of antifungals and antibiotics/antimicrobials.
    • Chelation therapy, e.g., Andy Cutler, natural remedies
    • Detoxification, e.g., chlorella, binders (charcoal, clay), supplements, botanicals, ION cleanse.
    • Folinic acid/Leucovorin
    • Glutathione
    • Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy
    • Hyperbaric oxygen
    • Methyl-B12 options
    • Methylation support
    • Nemecheck
    • Sauna

    • Important factors to consider when researching different protocols.
    • Pros and cons.

  • Module #6 – “Putting It All Together, Resources, And Where to Go Next”

    • Prioritizing treatment strategies based on laboratory test information, what you have available to you, and the unique clinical history of your loved one.
    • Becoming a detective regarding behaviors linked to various treatments such as supplements, candida, bacteria, foods, etc.
    • Exploring the many educational resources you will need for ongoing support.
    • Comparing quick-acting therapies that provide immediate feedback regarding benefits versus therapies that are beneficial long-term but may take longer to notice their beneficial effects.
    • Considerations for future testing and treatment.

We've Jam Packed Everything Into This 9 Module Hormone Mastery Course to Flatten Out The Learning Curve, So You Can Quickly & Successfully Incorporate These New Tools Into Your Practice!

Look At Everything You'll Get With The Autism Biomed Course:

  • 6 Video Modules

    6 Video Modules with Dr. Kurt Woeller on his specific topics of expertise. Watch and learn on your own time, at your own pace!

  • Webinar Lesson Slides

    Color slides in PDF format for all lectures, as well as printouts that can be used during the webinars for note-taking.

  • Extended Access to Resources

    Additional time after the course ends to have access to the webinar recordings, and to spend on catch up for exam completion.

This course offers comprehensive information that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. It flattens out the learning curve for you to be able to understand and treat Autism-Spectrum issues using integrative and functional medicine, quickly and easily.

The Autism Biomed Course will enable you to help those on the Autism-Spectrum Immediately!

  • q-iconWill this course information provide detailed information on treatment protocol specifics?

    The material discussed in this course regarding various biomedical protocols is for general educational information only. Dr. Woeller will define various protocols, but often every individual is different in their specific needs. Therefore, treatment specifics regarding dosing of medications, supplements, etc., will need to be researched further and discussed with personal physician.  

  • q-iconWill this course material allow me to treat my child and recover them from autism?

    This course will provide information that can be helpful in improving health and wellness for individuals with autism and other special needs diagnosis. However, there is no guarantee of recovery or cure with information provided in this course material. It is important that all individuals be working with a health professional when implementing biomedical interventions.

  • q-iconDoes this course provide a certification in being able to treat people with autism or other special needs diagnoses?

    No. The material in this course is for general health education information only. This course or any of its affiliates do not provide certification, licensure, or other designation to treat other people for health-related problems.

  • q-iconWill Dr. Woeller be helping to treat my children with supplements and/medications if I take this course?

    It is recommended that each person accessing this course material be working with a personal health professional. Only licensed physicians and approved other health professionals can prescribe medications for treatment. Taking this course does not designate your child or loved one as a patient of Dr. Woeller. The information he provides is for general health educational information only.

  • q-iconDoes this course information apply to other individuals who are not autistic? Can it be helpful for attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) or others?

    Yes. The information in this course can be helpful for individuals with other challenges such as ADD, PDD, etc.

  • q-iconWhat is the different between this Autism Biomed Essentials (ABE) course and the one in Dr. Woeller’s biomedical website called Autism Recovery System (ARS)?

    The courses are complementary with the Autism Recovery System course (called Autism Recovery 101)  giving a deeper focus on Dr. Woeller’s Four Pillar approach to Autism: Dietary Intervention, Foundational Supplements, Digestive Assessment (e.g., yeast, bacteria), and Methylation (mostly focused on Methyl-B12 therapy).  


    This Autism Biomed Essentials (ABE) course is much more broad ranging in its scope than ARS 101 and defines many aspects of biomedical intervention beyond the Four Pillars, including various protocols, strategies, laboratory testing, supplement options, etc. The ABE course will provide a parent with an expanded view of biomedical options.

  • q-iconHow can Dr. Woeller be reached for questions?

    Dr. Woeller is available for general ongoing health educational questions through the member forum of Autism Recovery System ( He is also available for private consultations through his private practice. For scheduling and general information about his consulting service email to

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